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Unite the operational prowess of iOps360 with the meticulous narcotics tracking of Schedule2.IT for an all-encompassing public safety management experience. Our systems are designed with public safety professionals to deliver precision, compliance, and efficiency in a seamlessly integrated platform.


Seamless Integration, Superior Management:

  • Schedule2.IT Synergy: iOps360 integrates flawlessly with Schedule2.IT, optimizing both narcotics tracking and operational scheduling.

  • Robust Scheduling & Operations: iOps360 offers a customizable scheduling system, complete with Leave Tracking, Swaps, and Overtime Management, tailored to the high-stakes world of Police, Fire, and EMS.

  • Resource and Compliance Management: Equip your team with the tools for complete equipment and vehicle readiness, while effortlessly managing inventory and maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Communications Centralized: Streamlined email, SMS, and alert systems keep your operations synchronized during shift changes and critical moments.

  • Affordable Innovation: Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive, cutting-edge system at a fraction of the cost, maximizing your department's performance without stretching your finances.


Your Trusted Partners in Public Safety:

Choose Schedule2 and embrace the iOps360 integration to elevate your narcotics management to new heights of reliability and efficiency.


Together, we're setting new standards for public safety performance.


Explore iOps360's features such as:  ​

  • Comprehensive suite of scheduling tools  

  • Inventory tracking

  • Mobile truck check-off module

  • Credentials tracking 

  • Equipment tracking

  • Real-time status boards  


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