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With over a decade of experience in creating enterprise systems tracking pharmaceuticals for state governments, we were approached with a challenge: Improve the efficiency of tracking narcotics for the EMS industry - and charge reasonable prices.  So, we worked with EMS Directors, Medical Directors, Paramedics, and Logistics & Training Personnel to design the easiest system for tracking narcotics - for you.


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Why did we create Schedule2.IT? Our parent company, Paul Consulting Group designed and currently maintains the State of Florida statewide pharmaceutical inventory system. That contract continues to keep us very busy.

While we were working on that, the Medical Director from Bradford County EMS in Florida – Dr. Pete Gianis, and one of his colleagues, contacted us to see if we would be interested in creating a state-of-the-art, cloud-based narcotics tracking system for their Fire and EMS agency.  We decided to work with them to create a “product” that would be utilized by them on a daily basis but could also potentially be utilized by other EMS agencies.

How'd we do it? We worked closely with “Dr. Pete” and other Bradford County Fire Rescue personnel to design a narcotics product that was tailored, but robust enough to satisfy the diverse needs of the EMS industry. Using our decades of experience related to enterprise-level pharmaceutical tracking at the State level, we approached the problem from a different perspective than what was industry available.

We did most of this design work during the COVID pandemic.  Sadly, Dr. Pete passed away during that timeframe.  He was a brilliant and kind man.  We will all miss him.

It took us over a year, but the result of our collaboration? The creation of the “Schedule 2 Narcotics Tracking System (S2)” that you are reading about right now.  We want to take this opportunity to thank Bradford County Fire Rescue.  To show our perpetual gratitude to the late Dr. Pete Gianis and to that EMS staff, we made the decision to provide S2 system licenses to Bradford at no cost in perpetuity. 
It didn’t take long for other EMS agencies to hear about and adopt S2. Good software spreads quickly.  Besides, to be completely honest, we kinda had fun developing it.  We’re excited to see the EMS industry using it.



As long as your primary goal is saving lives, then by God, one of our goals should be to provide cost-effective software to facilitate that primary goal. EMS budgets should be spent on personnel, not software.


We prioritize building unique features in the system that our competitors didn’t consider or simply can’t accomplish.


Let's face it. New software is intimidating. We have done our best to make sure the system’s workflows are intuitive and elegant. We also make sure your onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible.


We've been in business a LONG time– over 25 years. We’ve accomplished this feat by always remembering that quality is paramount, both in software development AND through excellent customer support.

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