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Why Trust Us?

Schedule2 is not only extremely helpful, it's also very secure. With our 25 years of software experience, our team is security compliant and security certified in multiple areas. 

Biometrics (if you want them)

A natural reaction to the use of biometric technology is the perceived risk of personal privacy invasion – what exactly is being done with my biometric information? Who can access it? How is it being used? Can it be used by an outside party? As one of the largest biometric system providers to the commercial marketplace, M2SYS recognizes the sensitive nature of its technology.  When a person is enrolled in the M2SYS CloudABIS biometric recognition system, the software extracts the unique identification data from the captured image and stores this information in the form of a proprietary identity template. An actual copy of the captured image itself is NOT stored (unless requested by customers). The system then uses the identity template to recognize that person on an ongoing basis. The identity template is simply a binary data file that cannot be used to reconstruct the original image. The CloudABIS system stores no information about the enrolled person other than the template and a unique identifier, which is supplied with the captured image during the enrollment process. All stored data is AES 256-bit encrypted.

SOC 2 

SOC 2 compliance is determined by a technical audit from an outside party. It mandates that organizations establish and adhere to specified information security policies and procedures, in line with their objectives. SOC 2 compliance can cover a six to 12-month timeframe, to ensure that a company’s information security measures are in line with the evolving requirements of data protection in the cloud.

Being SOC 2 compliant assures our customers and clients that we, as an organization, have the infrastructure, tools, and processes to protect your information from unauthorized access internally and externally.

Soc 2 Graphic_4x.png

PII Compliant

PII stands for "Personally Identifiable Information" - any data that can be used to identify a specific person.   We ensure that all PII data is secure and is held at the highest security tier (TIER IV) possible.  

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