What is a Pilot?

No, I'm not asking about the individuals who fly planes around - although that would be cool.

As we stated on the Home page, we understand that technology products can be intimidating.

Why shell out a LOT of money BEFORE you even know if the technology product is right for your department?  Heck, even car dealers let you test-drive their vehicle before you buy it.  Software should be similar - especially software that tracks all your narcotics!

So we created our "Pilot" program.  The concept is easy:  After your free demonstration, if you think S2 is a good fit for you, then we will help you get your inventories and users setup in the system - also at no charge.  We will assist you with data security, biometric finger-printing, shift-changes, training - whatever you want. 

We provide this guarantee because we know that after the free 30-day "pilot" period, you will absolutely love the S2 software and wonder how you ever tracked your narcotic inventories manually.  Then, yes - we will definitely discuss money.