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Narcotics Tracking Software

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About Schedule2.IT


Schedule2.IT IS an innovative narcotics tracking software product. It is NOT a large inventory system with multiple, expensive modules for vehicle maintenance, asset management, etc. with an inferior narcotics inventory module plugged in as an after-thought.

We have worked collaboratively with  Medical Directors and EMS personnel, to accurately and efficiently track narcotics


Our primary goal is to make the best and be the best in this mission-critical EMS business area.

We use the latest technologies in GS1 barcode scanning, fingerprint biometrics, and direct data interfaces to the Food and Drug Administration narcotics database so that you achieve 100% confidence that all your narcotic inventories are always correct.

When you see our solution, you will quickly understand why Schedule 2 is the most technologically innovative solution in the United States.

Schedule2.IT passed a DEA audit in 2022.

Purchasing new software is intimidating, especially when initially setting it up and learning how to use it.  So while you are evaluating S2, we will come to your establishment during your "Pilot" period to ensure that your transition from manual to electronic record-keeping goes seamlessly.  Like our existing customers, we want you to say, "How the heck did we ever do this manually?"

Thank you, in advance, for your business.

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Our Uniqueness

Bar Code Scanning

Would you like to stop entering inventory data manually?  We utilize a direct interface between a bar code scanner and our web data input pages.  Yes, we successfully scan and parse GS1 Bar Codes.

Automatic Data Interface

Our Food and Drug Administration data interface ensures that your narcotic inventory names are accurate, never duplicated and that recalls are handled cost-effectively and accurately. 

Biometrics (If You want it)

Whether you have notebooks, computers or tablets in your ambulances, we have perfected our biometric fingerprint interfaces.  Your paramedics and EMTs are too busy to login to an app with an ID and a password.


Are you a Medical Director who is seeking personnel dispense tracking guarantees? Biometrics solves it - we guarantee it. 

Shift Changes

Would your management like 100% accuracy, that's correct - 100%  accuracy from your shift changes?  And would your paramedics and EMTs like to complete their shift changes in less than 30 seconds using their phones?  We can't wait to show you how.

Tracking Consumables (i.e. gloves)

Sorry, we don't have that - we can't be everything to everyone.  We did NOT build a large, expensive inventory system and then "tack on" an inferior Schedule2 narcotics tracking module. Instead, we have spent all of our programming efforts making certain that these DEA monitored drugs are tracked efficiently, elegantly and accurately using the most technologically advanced, best practice methods.

The way you NEED them tracked.

The Schedule2.IT system is elegant and accurate.  We agree that technologically, it is way ahead of anything else on the market today.  I highly recommend this solution to ALL Medical Directors who seek the best for their paramedics and EMTs.

Dr. Pete Gianas, Medical Director - Emeritus, Bradford County

We appreciate Schedule2 for being a Gold Sponsor of FAREMS.

Marcie Heatherington, Program Coordinator, Florida Association of Rural EMS Providers

535 John Knox Rd, Tallahassee FL


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